; About the Fort of Vasai, Mumbai, Maharashtra|| Traveling Places of Maharashtra|| All about Vasai Fort||

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Monday, February 1, 2021

About the Fort of Vasai, Mumbai, Maharashtra|| Traveling Places of Maharashtra|| All about Vasai Fort||

The Bassein aka Vasai Fort entrance.
The Bassein aka Vasai Fort entrance.

    Vasai is known as  'mini Goa', but this place is not much popular. Even the majority of Mumbaikars would be unaware of this place.

Though on holidays, the bike riders and photographers may enjoy visiting this cool, almost barren-like place.

Here is the post about the Fort of Vasai, which is situated on the outskirts of Mumbai, in Palghar District.

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Who built the Vasai Fort?

Fort of Vasai was built in CE:1184 by the Yadavas community of Devagiri, the contemporary rural of that region. Afterward, the Sultan Bhahdoor Shah of Gujarat and then the Portuguese Government took control over it. At the present owner of Vasai Fort is the Government of India.

What is the meaning of the word Vasai?

The meaning of the word Vasai is a place to reside, or a group of huts, or a village. The Marathi word 'NIWAAS' or 'WAAS'  was pronounced as Vasai by the local people, so this word became famous for that area and has been accepted as the official name by the Government of India.

Why the European intruded into India?

India was the international center of fine quality spices, which European countries were importing through Arabian merchants.
To get the spices directly at a reasonable price, the European sailors tried to search the location of India. Columbus was the one among them who failed to reach India but incidentally found the new land of America.

The ruins of Vasai Fort.
The ruins of Vasai Fort.
How the Vasai Fort became the territory of the Portuguese?

The earliest community, which intruded into India was the Portuguese. The other communities like Dutch, Britishers were conflicting with them to take over the trading of Indian products. The fight was for monopoly.  (Like the internal wars in America, for the same purpose.

So the Portuguese gained the control of Vasai Fort through the treaty of 1534 to protect the western coast and stop the intrusion of other competitors.

What is the treaty of 1534, and what was the outcome of that?

The Treaty of Baçaim(now known as Vasai) had taken place between Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, and the Kingdom of Portugal in1534.
As a result of that treaty, the Portuguese Empire acquired control of the western coast of Vasai. They also gained control of the other territories and islands of Vasai.

How to reach Vasai Fort?

Sea shore and Boats near Vasai.
Sea shore and Boats near Vasai.

Vasai fort and village is situated in the Palghar district. Visitors can reach there by suburb train, or by road, from Mumbai city. Not necessary to mention that the International flight service is available in Mumbai.

The Images and Location of Vasai Fort on Google Street View.

Click here to see the images on Google Street View.

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