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Monday, February 1, 2021

Vasai Fort history | Vasai fort

Safar Vasai fort.  

All about Vasai Fort.

Main entrance to the Citadel at Vasai Fort
Main entrance to the Citadel at Vasai Fort. (Source wikimedia common.org)

The narration is of Me. Sunil D'melo

 (Originally in Marathi Language but here represenrted English Translation):

    "I am sure that even the majority of Vasaikars will not know the wonderful #architecture and its history shown in this video, just watch it and share it with others. Spread over 110 acres, the #Portuguese #fort at #Vasai is one of the largest forts not only in #Maharashtra but in the whole of #India. The fort was built in 1535 and the Portuguese ruled the surrounding area for 200 years, not just for a short time. In 1739, Narveer Chimaji Appa started the Vasai campaign and suppressed these foreigners and deported them from Vasai to #Goa.


Church_Vasai_Fort (source wikimedia common.org)

    The fort has suffered a lot due to lack of proper maintenance but there is still a lot to see and inspire in the fort. Today through this video we are going to take you on a tour of Vasai fort. We hope you enjoy the trip."

 Special thanks: 

  • Monsignier Fa. 
  • Francis Correa 
  • Mr. Pascal Lopes 
  • Sir Dr. Shridatta Raut Sir


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